Thursday, October 11, 2012

Winks which i can never forget.....

Me and cat venki were feeling very bored to attend classes. We both were more afraid that records were not completed. If we go to lab session surely mam going to humiliate us and throw us out of the lab, so better decided to bunk and go to Bellary mining boy Arun’s room, Arun hails from mining district Bellary, he s a relative of mining biggie Jana reddy, he had all the luxury needed for a college boy to get ruined. Computer, TV, refrigerator, etc. in a student’s room it is really fascinating, even though he was our classmate, he was very rare face in classes. Instead of getting down at our college stop we continued 3 more stops in the same bus to got down at Arun’s place.
Mobile phones were very new at that time, I was not having any, Arun had some high end mobile phone at that time, Cat had the mobile but always his balance would be empty. So we called from a coin booth to Arun, he was more than happy to see us joining him by bunking college. He said on phone with a surprise tone come mama come always my room doors open for you. We felt relieved that he is in the room usually he won’t stay in room in college hours.
We reached Arun’s room, had fantastic fun all day by watching many movies on his PC and discussed all the unwanted things about college, lecturers, classmates and planned how to tackle our rival gang, all of us prepared some special dishes had nicely by this time it was 4PM, we had a fantastic fun all day, that we never realized it was 4PM, we said bye to Arun and left his room. I was very happy that day. I felt it is my most memorable day of my life. We enjoyed to that extent.
While coming back on road a cute boy and his father were coming opposite to us on other side, boy was very naughty he was winking at me I did funny gestures at him, his dad was careless to handle the boy, he was in his own world, boy was on the roadside and his father was near to footpath, I showed that boy to cat and he also got a wink, same time I showed his father’s carelessness towards his son on road. I felt his smile as divine, his wink was very attractive. I asked cat to wait saying I will bring chocolate for that boy and ran to nearby stationary. Bought a chocolate by the time I was about to return, cat came to me and obstructed me to go to that boy for giving chocolates. He said he is getting late and have to reach home early, he was not allowing me to go there. He was forcing me to reach the bus stop.
 I was surprised by his acts. I scolded him and went to give chocolates to that boy. By the time I reach there with chocolate many were shouting and crying loudly, screaming in Tamil which meaning killed my boy bloody he killed my boy. It was a calm street when I went for chocolates. By the time I return it has become a blood street. Cat put his hands on my shoulder and said the boy whom I was playing with is dead.  A lorry has run over that boy. I was shocked and collapsed on the spot, cat lifted me and was taking me to see the body. I stopped him and said I don’t have so much strength to digest that death. We came to opposite bus stop and we got the bus, I had forgotten all the enjoyment we had from morning, while returning back home my eyes were filled with only winks and winks and only winks of that cute .....
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