Friday, October 5, 2012

Get Well Soon...!!!

I guess that day was not mine. Whole day i went through very bad experiences, starting with my dad, who blasted me early morning for getting up late, it was early morning 7o clock, dad came to my room and said get up Praveen, its already 7, I said dad I was studying till 2o clock yesterday I can’t get up please don’t disturb me, he din leave me, he pulled my blanket and woke me up, I felt very bad and started to argue with him, my voice was very arrogant and rude, my dad said keep in mind you are talking to your dad, I said whats the difference you are also talking to your son, u disturbed my sleep, listening to these words dad became silent, I rushed into bathroom saying never disturb my sleep again and closed the door rapidly.

Came out of bathroom dressed myself, here comes a plate uppit ( upma ) which I hate to the core, mom had some urgent work so she could not prepare any other breakfast, uppit was easy to prepare so she prepared this which I cant eat even one spoon, I said mom I don’t want this breakfast I will have in canteen, mom scolded saying in canteen they will put soda for all they cook which is not good for health, so have uppit and go to college, I shouted on my mom throwing the breakfast plate on floor saying who will have this concrete kind of thing, and left to coll, I could see my moms eyes were filled with water, I went to college as if I dint see anything.

On time I was in college, but my girlfriend did not come yet, when I tried calling her I got a busy tone from her, when I sent the message she did not reply, it was already 5 mins classes has started, then entered the class, madam looked at me strangely and asked Praveen why are you late? I was speechless looking at her avatar, I said in a flickering tone mam I missed the bus, just came, she wondered oooh.. who was that who standing near the gate from past 15mins, I came to know that she has seen me standing near the gate. I said mam very sorry, I was waiting for my friend, she replied in a harsh tone I know I know come inside and sit in the first bench. I felt humiliated at that time, her tone was so harsh.

First hour is done mam left the class,I shifted to my usual last bech. I saw my girlfriend coming, I went to her saying hi, she was not talking to me, I said hi again, she turned to me with a furious look, and again turned towards opposite side, one more sir came for next class, I was little confused thinking why my girlfriend is angry on me, I checked my mobile phone, I saw 4 missed calls from her, I could not check my cell phone as I was in first bench, mams eyes were most of the times on the not usual first bencher. I sent a mess to her explaining the reason for not receiving the call, she did not respond. At the lunch hour again I went to her asking sorry, she again showed her cruel face to me felt very bad, she said go to hell, you cant receive the phone call cant respond to my messages why the hell you want to be my boyfriend. I tried explaining her all over again she pushed me away in front of all classmates, I was speechless, my eyes filled with tears, my lips started shivering, if I had stayed a min more I would collapsed, decided to bunk the afternoon classes, and reached home.

Mom asked, Praveen, why did you came early? Any problem, and touched my forehead, oh my god! U got the fever my son, be in the room I will call the doctor, she said. I went to room and collapsed on my bead, mom called doctor and dad, both came in ten mins, doctor gave me injection, dad asked me to take rest, and all went out of my room. I checked my mobile, there was a message from my girlfriend, it said, I have found a new boyfriend you better stay away from me, I was dumped by her, my heart became heavy, I started crying I was crying very hard, suddenly felt somebody coming near my room, I ran to bath room and washed my face, left my face with water without wiping it from towel, my mom came with the coffee, dad was accompanying her, she gave me coffee, dad asked Praveen rub your face with towel, I tried to took towel, mom called, Praveen come here let me wipe your tears first then you wipe the water yourself, I felt surprised, mom how did you recognize my tears in water? !! dad smiled gently came near me put his hands on my head rubbing it, and said, she is mom my dear son not girlfriend….

I realized my mistakes I did till that time, cried loudly in mom and dad’s arms, I was feeling like I am in a basket of comfort and love, meanwhile a message popped up on my mobile, i checked very curiously, it was my friend sending me get well soon message :) :)
Get well soon guys :) :)

Pavan Parupattedara

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